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List definition

In the 'Subject of the list' area, you can change the subject you had chosen when creating the list. This subject displays as a header for all the list pages, and is also be visible on list index pages (list of lists, list of your subscriptions, etc.) and in the browser title bar.

You can also change the 'Visibility of the list'. The options available are the following:

If you want to limit the list visibility according to other criteria, you should ask the listmasters: they may be able to create a new option matching your needs (example: list visible only by members of a user group, of an Internet domain, etc.).

You can also change the list topic as well as its language. If you change the list language, all predefined messages will be sent in the chosen language (be careful: subject to the availability of a translation!).

You can not change the Internet domain of the list: only the listmasters can change this parameter.

BE CAREFUL: do not forget to click on the 'Apply modifications' button on bottom of page to save all your changes.

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